Long House of Dayaks

In 2010, I started my first journey to Sintang City (West Borneo Province) to facilitating the Sintang’s young people using media for their campaign, during our research, we visited long house at some village in Kapuas Hulu, north side Sintang City.

While outsiders call a long house Betang house, the Dayaks people in Borneo called it Lamin or panjal. It refers to an elongated shape architecture of the house to the rear. The length of the house increasingly depends on how the number of families who inhabit it. The more number of families who inhabit it, then the longer the Betang house.

Betang house is a kind of house that adapting the shape houses on stilts. Distance of house from the ground can reach more than 2 meters. The selection of a house like this is closely related to the natural conditions of Borneo/Kalimantan which are generally close to major rivers. Thus, when the river overflowed, the water will not enter into the house. Betang house is among the highest in Kalimantan, because the distance from the house to the ground reaches five meters.While the ladder is made from the bark of a tree-shaped staircase steps to avoid a wild animal attacks. In addition, the stairs do not intentionally made permanent, in order to be moved and lifted into the house anytime.

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